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Should I provide outplacement for all my employees?


The decision on how extensively to use outplacement should be based on what objectives you wish to achieve by providing it, and what funds are available to pay for it. Many companies that use outplacement for their executives also provide it for other employees in the organisation, and some provide it for all their employees, including hourly plant workers. When outplacement is truly part of a company’s change management strategy, it is usually made available throughout the organisation.



Are outplacement services a taxable benefit to the ex-employee?


Outplacement support is not considered to be a taxable benefit by the revenue authorities.



Should I allow employees to select the outplacement firm they want to deal with?


More and more organisations are doing this, agreeing terms with a small selection of outplacement firms and then inviting departing employees to meet firms providing service relevant to their level and allowing them select the one they are most comfortable with.


The relationship between your departing employee and the outplacement firm supporting them is really critical when their employment ends and something is needed to shore up areas like the support structures they had in work that are then, to a large extent, lost. If the person has chosen their outplacement firm (and ideally the counsellor dealing with them) then they will be more likely to rely on them and work proactively on the programme as proposed.


To manage this kind of arrangement, you need to get to know several firms well and be able to differentiate their models and service strengths. As you begin planning a termination, select outplacement firms onto your panel based on who will be the best fit with the employee population affected.



Should I offer the choice between severance and outplacement?


Offering the choice of a severance package or outplacement presents the employee with an impossible dilemma at a time when he or she is already emotionally vulnerable. Ask yourself – ‘do I believe in outplacement or not?

If you decide that outplacement should be a component of your company’s change management strategy, then provide it to your departing employees.





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