Laid out below are questions that outplacement firms are typically asked by organisations when they are considering whether or not to avail of their services. They are grouped in categories as follows:



About the Firm


* How long has the firm been in business? What is the firmís history?

* Is outplacement the firmís primary business, or is it one of several lines of business?

* Is the firm primarily corporate-retained or does it primarily work with individuals?

* Does the firm have any specialties in terms of industries or types of companies?

* Does the firm have experience working with people similar to your employee base?

* What is the firmís philosophy and/or culture? Are they compatible with your companyís?

* What are the firmís values and how are they reflected in day-to-day operations?

* How does the firm differ from its competition?

* Does the firm measure performance and maintain statistics?

* What kind of feedback does the firm give to its corporate clients?

* Is the firm able to serve as a long-term, valued resource to your company?

* Can the firm provide references from corporate and employee clients?



About Programmes


* Is the outplacement program ďcompleteĒ in terms of covering all the elements of job-search?

* Are programs available at multiple levels to serve diverse groups of candidates?

* Can the firm bundle/unbundle elements of programs to meet individual candidate needs?

* What is the degree of flexibility when it comes to customizing programs for individual candidates?

* Can the firm meet special candidate needs, such as entrepreneurial programs?

* What is the quality of training and support materials?

* Does the firm take a pro-active role in marketing candidates to prospective employers?

* Does the firm set time limits on services, or are programs open-ended?



About Management and Consulting Staff


* What are the backgrounds of the firmís managers and consultants?

* Does management effectively monitor the quality of program delivered to candidates?

* How does management measure the performance of individual consultants?

* What kind of case load do consultants carry?

* Do consultants have other responsibilities in addition to servicing candidates (e.g. marketing)?

* What percentage of the consultantís time is spent in candidate support?

* How are candidates assigned to consultants?

* Are consultants full-time employees of the firm, or independent contractors or ístringersí hired as required?

* Do consultants have in-depth knowledge of the local job market, employers and recruiters?

* Are consultants credible, and have they the strength of character needed to work with people in crisis?



About Facilities and Resources


* Are the firmís offices accessible for all departing employees?

* Is there enough space, and is the space suitable for different levels of programs?

* Is there space for both private counselling and group sessions?

* Is the telephone system adequate? Does it provide private, personalized voice-mail for candidates?

* Do candidates have access to computers? Are computers, peripherals and software up-to-date?

* Are online resources available? Do candidates have access to the Internet?

* Are the support staff dedicated, well-trained and professional?

* How comprehensive is the reference library? Is it easy to use?

* What kinds of limitations are placed on mailings, printing, and so forth?




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