Outplacement is a consulting service that assists organisations through the difficult process of laying off staff and terminating their employment — usually because of redundancy.


Typically the outplacement firm first helps the management team plan and execute termination. They then take on a second role of working with departing employees and providing guidance and resources that supports each person to move on with their life and to find new employment.


Outplacement consultants help the person to focus on options open to them and to move forward. Practical help provided usually includes assistance in preparing a CV, writing covering letters, help in finding opportunities, networking, making applications, interview skills and negotiating.  


Outplacement support can be provided on a one-to-one basis or to group. The objective is the same whichever approach is used. It is to facilitate people be positive and to ensure they have the knowledge & resources required to transition successfully into a new job or other occupation. 


This site was developed by Career Consultants - specialists in redundancy and outplacement support -  to provide HR Professionals & Business Managers with information on services available.

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